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Canadian Presbyterians have a long history.

We are:

~part of the Old Testament story of God's covenant relationship with the world
~part of the 2,000 years of witness to Jesus Christ
~part of a distinctive Reformed and Presbyterian history

For more detail, visit The Presbyterian Church in Canada website by clicking


People become members of the congregation by letter of transfer from another congregation, profession of faith and reaffirmation of faith. In the Presbyterian Church, members are asked before the congregation as a group to affirm their faith in God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. They also express a desire to walk in God's ways in the world and to seek the peace and welfare of the church. Membership is first of all a declaration of your faith in Jesus Christ, in his death and resurrection for you, and then secondarily of your intention to live out your faith within the context of this congregation.


People join a church for a number of reasons. Some of the reasons people have joined this church are to grow in Christian faith, to gain a sense of community and belonging, in order to be linked to Christian partners around the world, to apply their knowledge, passion and desire to grow in ways that work for the good of the community, to set an example for their children, to get help raising their children in the Christian faith, to build relationships of rare quality with people they wouldn't meet elsewhere.

We come in all sizes.....

all ages.....

and we're jolly.....and, of course,