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For all enquiries regarding baptisms please call


For all enquiries regarding funerals please call


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. We would like to be married at St Andrew's. How do we go about it?

A. For all enquiries regarding weddings please call 905-468-3363 or email . The availability of the date and time will be checked. The Minister will then approve, deny, or suggest other available times. Once approved, the date will be reserved for you. An appointment will be made for you to meet with the minister several months prior to the wedding date.

Q. We are not Presbyterian. Is that a problem? Can we still be married at St. Andrew's?

A. Providing at least one of the couple is Christian, then yes you can be married here.

Q. We do not live in Canada. Does that make a difference?

A. Generally no, it does not matter. You must however obtain a marriage licence from the Province of Ontario.

Q. We would like to have our marriage at another location (e.g. outdoors, parks etc.) Can we do that?

A. The Minister does not normally conduct wedding ceremonies outdoors for the following reasons:
          1. marriage is a Holy ceremony and should be conducted in the Church
          2. weather conditions and logistics may often preclude holding the ceremony outdoors
          3. often there are many disruptions at a "public" venue that distract from the high and holy ceremony. (tourists walking around taking pictures etc.)

Q. What is the cost of a wedding at St. Andrew's?

A. Contributions are expected for the use of the church, Organist, Sexton and Minister (Members of St. Andrew's are exempt from the contribution to the church). For information regarding contributions please call 905-468-3363 or

Q. How many people will the church accommodate?

A. 330 on the ground floor. Extra seating is available in the gallery should it be required.

Q. Is there parking available?

A. Yes, there is parking at the front of the church and there is also a  paved parking lot.  

For general information on Niagara-on-the-Lake, visit the following websites by clicking on the underlined text: The Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake  or  The Niagara-on-the-Lake Chamber of Commerce.