Dr. Clyde Ervine


Dr. Ervine was raised in a hectic Presbyterian home in Northern Ireland, one of four siblings who indulged in the banging of pianos, doors and egos! Educated at the University of St. Andrew’s and University of Cambridge, and after a further study year at Presbyterian College, Montreal, he was ordained in Cornwall, Ontario and began ministry at Sutton. Pastorates in Niagara Falls and Toronto followed. In 2000, Clyde became a professor at Presbyterian College, Montreal. However, the allure of congregational life led him to accept a Call in 2006 to Central Church, Hamilton. In mid-2014, planning an early retirement, Clyde instead responded to a call to Knox Church, St. Catharines, a once large congregation that faced significant decline. Last month, he was awarded the honorary Doctor of Divinity degree by Presbyterian College.

Over the years Clyde has served on various national Presbyterian committees, published articles, both popular and theological, and annually teaches a course at Knox College, Toronto. Committed in principle and practice to the priority of the congregation in God’s mission strategy, he is currently trying to complete a book on congregational leadership. When not busy, Clyde loves to watch tennis and walk his dog Fergus.