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One of the best ways to grow your faith is by making a difference. We will help you find your niche for serving where you can share your talents, time and interests.
There’s room for everyone.
Volunteering is a great way to meet new people, especially if you are new to the area.
Serving in even simple ways makes a difference that ends up making a difference in your life too.
Benefits of volunteering: 4 ways to feel healthier and happier
 Volunteering connects you to others
 Volunteering is good for your mind and body
 Volunteering can advance your career
 Volunteering brings fun and fulfillment to your life
See something below that catches your interest? Call the office and get connected. (905) 468-3363
The Canadian Workers Outreach Program (CWOP)
CWOP ministers to the agricultural workers (mostly Jamaican) who come each year to work on local Niagara farmers. Regular worship services are conducted from late April to the end of June with a closing service at the end of August or early September. Domino and cricket matches with workers from Vineland are two extra events sponsored by CWOP.
– Driving workers to and from worship services, domino and/or cricket matches
– Monetary support of benevolent fund used to help with costs of airfare or funeral expenses for those workers who experience the death of a parent, spouse or child in Jamaica.
Contact: Nancy King 905-468-7680
The St. Andrew’s Choir meets regularly for practice and then again on Sunday Morning before worship. In addition to making a joyful noise during each of our services, the choir also performs seasonal concerts.
Opportunity: Singers
Contact: Sandra McAslan 905-468-4674
We want everyone to feel welcome when they come to the Lord’s house! Ushers, greeters and readers help make that happen.
-Be a Greeter and/or reader
– Welcome everyone to worship and/or read scripture during worship – contact Carole Felton at 905-468-3363,
– Usher for Sunday worship; contact Peter King at 905-468-7680
Open Doors Hosts
In the summer our church is open during the week for visitors to enjoy the spiritual and historic atmosphere of the sanctuary. The doors will be open from June to September. A host will be available for 1-2 hours each day to answer questions and show guests through the church. Information bulletins and  a flyer for self-guided tours of the plaques are available. Orientation for hosts is available.
Opportunity: Be an Open Doors host
Contact: Carole Felton, (905)468-3363  standrewsnotl@gmail.com
Provide a Ride
Not everyone in our faith family has a ride to worship on Sunday and/or to other special events. If you are willing to provide a ride to others please contact Carole in the office at 905-468-3363,
standrewsnotl@gmail.com .
Reception Teams
St. Andrew’s has teams of volunteers who provide the refreshments following funerals or special events.
Opportunity: Baking, sandwich making, setting up, serving and cleaning up.
Contact: Carole Felton 289-868-8956, standrewsnotl@gmail.com
Strawberry Festival
A community favourite, held every year in June – food with a strawberry flavour, barbeque tent, Silent Auction, Granny’s Attic, books, plants, bake table, children’s area and entertainment.
– It takes a lot of helping hands to make this event a success.
– We need bakers, donations for our book table,  Silent Auction and Granny’s Attic.
– On the big day we need people for scooping ice cream, flipping burgers, selling books and the list goes on.
Contact: Carole Felton 289-868-8956, standrewsnotl@gmail.com
To be a Convenor contact Julie Hunter, (905) 651-4050  juliehunter@sympatico.ca
Women’s Fellowship
Meet once a month from September to June.  This group of busy ladies enjoys fellowship while they focus on raising funds for the church. Regular events include a Spring Luncheon, a Harvest Luncheon and the Festive Fair. This is the group that also coordinates refreshments following each Sunday service and following some of the extra activities that have been taking place following special anniversary functions.
Outreach activities also include hosting a carol sing at Chateau Gardens and making pneumonia vests, boomer caps and Dolls of Joy for children in the third world.
Opportunities:- All women are welcome to join the Fellowship. You can help host the weekly coffee hours after worship and assist at fundraising events by
setting up, serving or cleaning up.
– Knitters needed for the vests and caps.
Contact: Carole Felton (905) 468-3363  standrewsnotl@gmail.com
Youth & Family Ministries
From September to June the children and youth participate in age appropriate worship and learning activities during regular worship. A community Vacation Bible Camp is hosted in July or August.  Each December the Family Ministry hosts a Christmas luncheon for the congregation with an entertaining performance that shares a spiritual message.
– Volunteers to work with the children and youth on a rotational basis.
Contact: Ashley Paines (pre-school, elementary)