Congregational Life

Now some more general material about our congregational life

  • After every Sunday service, a Coffee Hour is held in the Kirk Hall. Simple though this half-hour may be, it is rich in its capacity to meet and mingle with others. You will find the people of St. Andrew’s welcoming, and eager to invite you into the life of the congregation.
  • Governance: The leaders of the congregation, know collectively as the Session in Presbyterian circles, is made up of elected elders along with the minister. The Session has established three committees, made up of elders and congregational members, who oversee a good deal of congregational life. They are, the Worship and Nurture Committee, the In-Reach and Outreach Committee, and the Property and Finance committee. Under the umbrella of the three committees just mentioned, various teams work in specific areas of ministry. They include a small Sunday school team, a Pastoral Care Team, an Ushering Team, a Prayer team, a Follow-up team, a Cemetery team, a Hospitality team etc.  Our hope is to encourage as many congregants as possible to be involved in some aspect of ministry.
  • Prayer Ministry: Prayer is an acknowledgement that we are not God, that we cannot control all the outcomes of our lives and that we need God. At. St. Andrew’s, daily Bible reading and daily prayer are encouraged by the regular distribution of a daily devotional called Our Daily Bread. Prayer is, of course, a feature of all our worship services. To supplement that, a congregational Prayer Group meets, mostly online, every Wednesday morning at 10.00 am. And each Thursday morning, the sanctuary is open so that members of the congregation and members of the community-at-large can enter for Quiet Prayer, or to meditate or just rest in the stillness. You are invited! 
  • Bible Study: Getting to know God and what God is up to in the world requires that we read the Bible. Bible studies are thus a regular feature of life at St. Andrew’s, when groups meet to explore various books of the Bible. This fall, one group will meet to reflect on the life of Jesus told in the Gospels, acted out in The Chosen TV series. If you are interested in joining, phone the Church Office – 905-468-3363. This fall, we also hope to have an eight-week series called Faith Basics, led by Dr. Ervine. This is an introduction to the Christian faith, based on the Bible, that is designed to both help anyone who would consider themselves a ‘seeker’, but also those who are Christians who feel that they need a ‘Refresher’. 
  • Prime Time: This is a gathering that meets on the first and third Wednesdays of every month at 2.00 pm. [with a break from mid-June to mid-September]. Promoted as a ministry of learning and laughter, Prime Time offers opportunities to enjoy company, meet friends old and new, and at the same time, to explore all sorts of topics from a Christian point of view. 
  • Gathering for Gateau and Grace: This summer ministry was launched in August 2021 and will be repeated this August. The three Gatherings will take place at 7.00 pm on Wednesday, August 3, 17 and 31. Each evening begins with gateau served on the church lawn, followed by a delightful gathering inside our air-conditioned sanctuary that features the organ, different musical guests at each Gathering, and then a short reflection on some aspect of God’s grace. Just show up and enjoy! 
  • Sunday school: Being largely an older congregation, the St. Andrew’s Sunday school is currently small. A nursery is available in the Kirk Hall for infants; otherwise, elementary children come into Sunday worship and sit with their parent. Most Sundays, there is a ‘word with the Children’ moment in worship, after which they leave for Sunday school, an opportunity of both fun and faith-building. 
  • Strawberry Festival. Ever since 1984, St. Andrew’s has hosted annually, usually on the third Saturday of June, this huge fun and fund-raising event that really does draw the crowds. Inspired by the fact that Niagara grows delicious strawberries, this Festival involves the whole congregation, not just to raise funds for the congregation’s ongoing ministry, but to enjoy working together on a project, and to welcome others to experience something of our church life. See you on Saturday, June 18th!!